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Thank you very much for a really good program!

I would like to see a way to un-tick all series with one click. File - Import - Point series loads a file with all series ticked and it can be tedious if you only want to look at some of the series.

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Re: Un-tick all series with one click

This is a good case for a plugin. You need to install Python 3.2 (32bit) from … -3.2.5.msi

If you place the attached file in the Plugins folder where Graph is installed, you will get a new menu item in the context menu shown when you right click on an item in the list to the left. It is called Disable all but this and will remove the check mark on all items except the selected one.

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Re: Un-tick all series with one click

Thank you very much! I made a donation to show my appreciation. smile