Topic: imaginary axis

I have 2 questions:

1)  How do I get an imaginary axis in graph?
2)  How would I type in the right function command to plot a rectangular complex number, such as 3+4i?

Thanks for the help!

Re: imaginary axis

As you of course know 3+4i is not a function but just one point. You can therefore not plot it as a function, but you can insert it as a point series with the point (3,4).

Re: imaginary axis

My main concern is how to set up the axes so I can have an imaginary axis and a real axis.  The program does not give very clear instructions as to how to accomplish this.

Re: imaginary axis

If I understand your question, you would like to plot an output from complex function for certain range of input argument. There is difficult to accomplish this on two-dimensional plane because results from complex function are two-dimensional either, so there is no scale for input argument available.
If real argument (t) is used and it is possible to alter the function into F(t) = X(t) + i.Y(t) form, then, using parametric type, you can label y-axis as imaginary and have the complex function plotted.
f(x) = e^(i.x) ; hard to plot
F(t) = cos t + i.sin t ; easy to plot