Topic: exponentiation

I have just downloaded the graph program and everything works fine except for the exponentiation operator ^.  Is it obtained by pressing shift (upper case) 6 which appears to show the operator?  When I try to plot the graph an error 67 is indicated:  "unknown character ˆ".

Re: exponentiation

This is weird. I noticed that you in the first line write ^ which correctly is Unicode symbol 94. However in the last line you write ˆ which is Unicode symbol 710. The two symbols ^ and ˆ look very much the same but are different. ^ (94) should be on your keyboard and is expected by Graph. ˆ (710) seems to be part of the phonetic alphabet and should not be found on a normal keyboard.

I am sorry I cannot be of much help here. It might be a bug in the keyboard driver. But as you managed to write ^ correctly in the first line, you should be able to do the same inside Graph.