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Topic: Cannot derive a formula or draw multiple tangents

I am measuring how the gradient changes the smoothness of a curve (e.g. measure of learning curve based on grades at school) and, I am trying to do this graphically, however, I am not allowed to use more than one tangent, why is this a limitation?

f(x) = x^2 + x + 3x^2
dy/dx = ?  Is this possible?

It would be useful if I could export information to a CSV file and to a picture file e.g. jpeg/png.

Function > Insert function (Ins) is available.
Function > Insert tangent/normal is disabled after I have drawn the tangent, so I cannot take further measures.

I would suggest using Microsoft mathematics as a benchmark tool. 

Attachments are not always allowed for upload to this forum but is there a list of acceptable file types documented and what do the error messages read are they specific or vague?  Or is this a bug?

Re: Cannot derive a formula or draw multiple tangents

You can insert all the tangents you want. You just have to select the function in the list to the left before you create the tangent.

You can use Function|Insert f'(x) create the first derivative of a function. Calc|Evaluate can also evaluate the first derivative of a function for a given x.

When editing a point series, you can export the points to a CSV file from the context menu.

You can use File|Save as image in the menu to save the image as png or jpeg.