Topic: Projection of a point on x axis

Hi! I have a question, how can I project a point betweent two crossing functions on x axis?

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Re: Projection of a point on x axis

I am unsure what exactly it is you want.
If you want to find the intersection between two functions then do his:
1. Select one of the functions in the list.
2. Select Calc|Evaluate in the menu.
3. Select Intersection as Snap to.
4. Click somewhere in the graphing area near the intersection. Graph will then find the coordinates of the nearest intersection.

If what you want is to place a point on the x-axis to mark the place, then you can use a point series for that.

Re: Projection of a point on x axis

Thank you for your reply! That's almost what I wanted to achieve smile It look exactly like this:

So I would like to get a nice dotted line from the point of crossing between 2 functions to the x axis.

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Re: Projection of a point on x axis

You can for example use a point series with two points to create the dotted line. You don't have to show the markers. Alternatively you can use a parametric function to create it as a vertical line where you can limit the range.