Topic: Printer line widths

Congratulations on delivering a print option that delivers vector lines, not pixellated ones, but is it possible to define the line widths on a printer? 

I have drawn something that could really use a much finer print line on photographic glossy paper (see attached), but can't see how to do it.

Thanks again for such a versatile a powerful piece of code.

Re: Printer line widths

Currently Graph tries to print lines so they have the same width as on the screen, so you get the thinnest lines by setting the width to 1. If that is not good enough you probably have to save as an image file and print it from another program.

I plan to rewrite the printing functionality sometime in the future, but I seem to lack the time.

Re: Printer line widths

Thanks for that.  I think I'll create an image instead.    I think I'm pushing outside of Graph's functional spec anyway, but it is just so easy to do things with!