Topic: Suggestion: support graphing families of functions

A friend just showed me this package last night to illustrate some functions we were looking at. Quite liked it. But when I asked her if she could plot a family of functions, no
can do.

Pretty important for looking at trends.

To clarify, imagine the very simple function:

y = x^n

it would be nice to ask Graph to plot this for n=0 to 5 step 1 say.

Thus a family of functions varying n.

The same applies to more complex functions indeed is where it becomes truly useful, to look at how a given coefficient alters the plot.

As it was she had to create a separate line manually for each value we wanted to look at, time consuming.

Re: Suggestion: support graphing families of functions

Animations can do something a little similar. But instead of adding more functions it will change the existing one. That is you can add the function f(x)=x^n and animate n from 0 to 5.

A more advanced possibility is to use the scripting engine, which requires you to install Python 3.2 32 bit.

When you have Python installed you can press F11 inside Graph to get a Python interpreter and enter the following code to add the family of functions:

for n in range(6):
   F=Graph.TStdFunc("x^%d" % n)

I will consider creating an easier way to do this in a future version.