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Topic: Some Science-Related Graphs (plus a pattern using trig. relations)

1. 'Beat.grf'
     This one is pretty self-explanitory

2. 'Intesnity I of lambda.grf'
     Planck's Law as function of wavelength with different values for temperature, namely common temperatures of star
     types O,B,A,F,G,K,M.
     Plotted on vertical are average values of different colours of lights

3. 'Single Slit Interference.gfr'
     Single slit light interference minimas.

4. 'Temp - Distance Function.grf' *
    This function I had been thinking about for years and was forced to finally figure out in a test a few terms back: planetary
    average temperature as a function of distance from a star (using an earth-like albedo and emissivity to make it a function
    of one variable).

5. 'NEAT.grf'
    Playing around with trigonomic relations and came up with this one big_smile.
* Note: Altair planet I is a fictitious planet from microsoft's Space Simulator (incidentally the only fictitious planet in that simulator
   that was in the habitable zone).

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