Topic: .grf file format

1. Thank you for Graph. It is wonderful and I love it!

2. Is the .grf file format documented somewhere? I call myself searching for it but didn't find anything.

3. When I opened a .grf file, the format was MS .ini or config format. Is this the format used?

4. Re ?3: If so, why the 'don't edit this file' message? I would like to add the capability to generate Graph files to a current project of mine. So far it seems to be working but I am wondering if there is some subtlety or legal issue I'm missing.

5. Thanks again for Graph!!

Re: .grf file format

There is no documentation for the grf file format, but as you have found out it is basically the Windows INI format.

The message at the top of the grf files is just meant to tell you that the file should be edited by Graph and not by a text editor or another program. If you do it anyway it is your own responsibility and it may crash Graph if you do it wrong.

Re: .grf file format

Thanks very much! I'll try not to do it wrong. (And I promise not to complain if I do and Graph crashes!!!)

Re: .grf file format

Okay. It's been a while but the release is READY!!

The application is Matt's MathTools on Sourceforge. If you're interested, please give it a try. The Graph-related part (which really didn't take all this time to develop, other parts did!) is the graphing.Graph package. To give an idea of what it does and how it works, here's a short JavaScript to graph a linear equation:

// Graph the equation 'y = -2x + 5' and we wish to view from (-7, -4) to (11, 15).
var engine = MGraph.getGraphEngine(MGraph.GRAPH_ENGINE);
var paper = engine.getGraphPaper(null);
paper.setRanges(-7, -4, 11, 15);
var graph = engine.getGraph(null);
graph.addExpression(graph.STANDARD_GRAPH, "-2x + 5");
paper.addGraph(null, graph);

The result is a .grf-file-ready graph. More Graph-specific features may appear in the future, but right now I'm working intensely on other parts of it.

Thanks yet again for Graph!!

- matt

P.S. This post is not meant as an advertisement!! Please don't take it  as such, and please accept my apology if you do.