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Topic: Does anyone know how to revise a graph?

Does anyone know how to revise a graph? I have posted graphs, and later, tried to revise some graphs, but I was unsuccessful, maybe because I did not know how. So, I posted a new graph, and Saved it as an Image with the OldFileName under the Files Tab to be Saved as Type jpeg.

In the Open Office WP Program, I Saved as Pictures under the Insert Tab with the OldFileName.jpeg. (I tried to save the graph as an Object under the Insert Tab, then click OLE Object, then click Create from File button, Browse, locate and select the Image file, and Insert the file with the OldFileName, but the object only partially displayed on Open Office.)

The Program Graph does not revise unless I was willing to begin the to input the graph specs. again. There should be an easier fix to making revisions, I think.

Re: Does anyone know how to revise a graph?

To change existing graphs you need to edit the saved grf file. If you did not save a grf file you cannot edit them. The exception is if the program is an OLE client, as Open Office, you can use Edit|Copy image in Graph and afterwards paste it into Open Office. You should then be able to edit it by double clicking on the image.