Topic: Version 4.4 release

Thank you for this great program, it contains many nice features not found in most other similar programs.
In fact I have been following up your program since 2005 and I noticed that version 4.3 was released about 2.5 years ago but version 4.4 is still in beta, does the new version contain that many new features? What are they? And when (approximately) do you plan to release the final version of graph (4.4)?
Keep on the good work!

Re: Version 4.4 release

Well, Graph 4.4 will not have that many new features. There is a new updated help file that works under Windows Vista, the option to save the image as SVG, better support for Unicode and support for plugins written in Python. In addition there are a lot of minor improvements and bug fixes.

So now I feel the question: Why does it take so long?
That has surprised me as well. Graph is getting more and more complicated, which means that there are more to keep track of to avoid breaking anything and more to test at every change. In addition I spend more time on support, maintaining the web site and the update of the help file took much longer than I had expected. But the development seems to go a little faster now.

I planned to release Graph 4.4 in December 2007, but it looks like I missed that deadline. smile
My best guess now is probably around February.