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I want to know if the program can make an interpolation between X axis an Y axis

I want to mean for example:

I inserted a point series and I used the command ctrl + T
the thing that I want is, If I have a specific point in y axis and I need find the point en X axis, I could use the equation of line but I need make the interpolation
is when you use in a scientific calculator the command ŷ (but whit X)

I added a image where I drew the lines that I want to know if is possible draw it there. The black lines are I want


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Re: about interpolation

If I understand you correctly you want to find the x-coordinate on a function that correspond to a given y-coordinate.

If you for example want to find the x-coordinate that correspond to y=255, you can insert the function f(x)=255. Afterwards you select Calc|Evaluate in the menu and choose Intersection as Snap to. Make sure the f(x)=255 function is selected in the list to the left, and click on the graphing area near the point you are interested in. Then Graph will tell you where the two functions intersect.

I hope you can use this.