Topic: end points on custom functions

This is an absolutely awesome tool that has been taken over by my school's math department... All of our staff members are now using it to prepare graphs for tests/quizzes/demonstrations.

I'm trying to define a custom function so that I can display some reflections/translations/stretches/compressions of it.... The function I'm starting with is (I've cut and pasted the relevant lines from the .grf file):

Mine(x) = ifseq(x>-3 and x<-1,-x-2,x>-1 and x<2,-2,x>2 and x<3,3x-9)

i.e., one with three pieces. My goal is to be able to show -mine(-x), Mine(2x)-1, or mine(abs(x)). This works quite nicely. But how can I add closed and open circles to Mine(x) to show closed and/or open endpoints?

Re: end points on custom functions

When you plot the function you can specify the end points for the two ends of the function. But if I understand you correctly, you also want to show them where the function jumps.

The obvious way is to split the function in three and plot each segment as its own function with end points. But that does not seem to work so well in your case.

So I guess your best choice is to create a point series where you choose the kind of points you want and specify where you want the points. Unfortunately I don't think you can make the points follow the function when you reflect or translate it.

Re: end points on custom functions

I just remembered that I got some files from a user, David Wang, some time ago that animates different kinds of transformations. You might find them useful.

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