Topic: Is screendumps of the program illegal?


Im a mathteacher from Denmark, and im makeing an online introduction for danish primary schoolteachers, about the benifits of working with Graph in math.

I would like to use use picutrs and screendumps from the program in the intruduction, but I can’t see if its procted by copyrights og other property rights.

Regards Hasse Francker Christensen

Re: Is screendumps of the program illegal?

Graph is protected by copyright but is free software distributed under the GNU GPL, which you can see when you install Graph. This however only affect changes and copying of the program. Screen shots and files created by the program are not protected by copyright.

In the case with Graph, you may copy it, use data made by it, and make all the screen dumps you want. The only limitation is if you make changes to Graph itself (see the license for details.)