Topic: Inserting grid over graph?

I am trying to create gridlines over my graph, I have been inserting standard functions for the Y axis gridlines and Parametric functions for the X axis gridlines. This is all fine, but the lines are not even for both axis'. For example, the lines that run along the Y axis are spaced at greater intervals than those that run along the Y axis, I have tried to adjust the Tick and Grid settings but this does not make a large enough difference. Help Please!!?!?!?!

Re: Inserting grid over graph?

I am not sure I understand what it is you are trying. In the Axes dialog you can enable $matches[1] to show grid lines for each axis. If you don't want Graph to control the distance, you can disable $matches[1] and specify a value yourself. You may also want to disable $matches[1] and set $matches[1] to the same value.