Topic: Add a Function in Point Series

Hi Ivan,
I think Graph is a great program and I love it. I also think a lot of work must have gone into the creation of it.
I have a question and a suggestion.
Can a function be inserted into a Point Series?
Series 1
X    Y
x   2*x

I suggest a search button (if possible) be added to your Support Forum so one can quickly find topics he is concerned about.
Vito Faraci

Re: Add a Function in Point Series

Can you explain what you expect your function in a point series to do?
If you want a point series with points from a function when you can do it this way:
1. Add the function f(x)=2*x
2. Use Calc|Table to calculate x,y-coordinates.
3. Copy the coordinates and insert them into a point series.

There actually is a Search button at the top of the forum smile

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