Topic: installation issues on numpy

i am unable to install numpy on ver 3.2
but it got installed in python 3.7.
pl help me how to install it in ver 3.2. pip is missing in ver 3.2


Re: installation issues on numpy

You will have to ask the people behind numpy how to install it. However I am aware that Python 3.2 is getting old, and the latest beta version of Graph (build 574) now comes bundled with Python 3.7. But this is a static bundle and you will not easily be able to install numpy into it. However if you remove or rename the Python directory where Graph beta is installed, Graph will use another Python 3.7 if it can find one.

So my best suggestion if you want to use numpy with Graph is to use the beta version, remove the Python directory, and install Python 3.7 (32 bit).