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Topic: Plotting does not show all points

I am using Graph 4.4.2 build 543.
Navigation: Function > Insert Point Series
I tried updating the following points, but the series plotter does not plot all points is it possible to be able to scale the application to be able to see all the points or is this just a config problem?
x y
2 0.5
3 0.9
6 0.7
10 0.3
13 1.9
17 1.4
18 2.3
25 2.2
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Re: Plotting does not show all points

You can use Zoom|Out in the menu, the corresponding button in the toolbar or Ctrl+- to zoom out. Alternatively you can change the axes ranges in the Edit|Axes. Zoom|Fit and Zoom|Fit all in the menu can also help you automatically adjust the axes.

What happens when you try to upload a file?