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Topic: Length between two points and other issues (usability)

I tried to import a data file and unfortunately it is very difficult measure the distance between two points as the function intended to do so does not appear to provide a result when trying it.

a) plot clusters using different colors/shapes for different segments of data, if this were possible
I think this would mean re-engineering the little application which may be out of scope or a new project (see Machine Learning documentation and project written in Python on github.com).
b) I cannot zoom in
c) is it possible to view the Eucledian distance between two points on a 3d plane or would this be an enhancement?

I am using Graph v4.4.2.
File has around 300 rows of data and cannot be uploaded to this forum, where I cannot post links which makes it more difficult for you to read references as i am an academic and i like posting information.

Would you like a copy or can you re-construct a data file?

Re: Length between two points and other issues (usability)

a) You can create different point series with different shapes and colors.

b) What happens when you try to zoom in?

c) Currently Graph can only handle 2D. I have 3D on my todo list, but there seems to be a lot on my todo list.

You should be able to post links. You should also be able to upload it to the forum.