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Topic: Parametric functions gone haywire

The attached file is from an old version (sorry, can't tell you which as the disc won't boot).
There was no problem with the old graph.
It has been stripped down to just the bare essential problem :  vertical lines.

On my screen, the height of the red vertical lines do not correspond to their set values.
I was going to say they were non-linear, but if the Y-axis limit is changed (e.g. from 8 to 9)
that is far too simplistic: the relative heights seem unpredictable.

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Re: Parametric functions gone haywire

Yes, there is a bug here, which fortunately has already been fixed in the beta version of Graph 4.4. In Graph 4.3 as a workaround you can set Draw type to Lines in the Insert function dialog.

Re: Parametric functions gone haywire

Another work-around is to increase the number of points in the line from 2 to a lot more than that, but it becomes a bit trial-and-error to get the line to end where you want.