Topic: Graph 4.4 is now available

Though it took much longer than anticipated, Graph version 4.4 has now finally been released.

The biggest change is that Graph now has an interactive Python command interpreter and now supports custom plugins. Both needs Python 3.2 to be installed and may still mostly be useful for advanced users of Graph. However I expect this to be improved in the future.

The help file has also been through a major update and now works with Windows Vista and Windows 7. It is also available online both as HTML and PDF.

Graph now has support for saving images as SVG, which is a vector format for image files that scales well.

Area calculation has been greatly improved to avoid accumulation errors at some corner cases. In addition you can now use -INF and +INF for negative and positive infinite when calculation the area, and it is now also possible to calculate the area under parametric functions.

Graph is now translated into 29 languages. Unfortunately we have lost contact with the translators of Simplified Chinese, Croatian, Finnish, Greek, Korean, Mongolian, Polish, Russian, Serbian and Vietnamese. If you are interested in updating one of these languages or translating Graph into another language, please contact the translation coordinator Michael Bach Ipsen at

There are several other minor improvements and a lot of bugs have been
fixed. A more complete list of changes may be found in the history.

Graph 4.4 is available for free download from

You may have notice that with the release of Graph 4.4 the web site has gotten a major update. The previous web site was starting to look old.

If you think you have found a bug or misbehavior in Graph, please
report it at the forum:, and please give as much
information as possible. You are also welcome to ask if you have any questions or suggestions for Graph.

Best regards
Ivan Johansen